Posted by: thoughtflashes | April 5, 2010

Using the Bamboo Fun Wacom Tablet for Clicking with the Left Hand

Being left-handed, I’ve felt quite weird using a right-handed mouse for so long.  There is an option to set the mouse to become a left-handed mouse, but I don’t really want to set it to a left-hand mouse because if I were to use public computers, I would not be used to using a right-handed mouse.  I can use my right hand when playing some sports like tennis, but I prefer to use my left hand with most other tasks like writing or eating.  In addition, ever since I’ve started using a mouse on a MacIntosh in 1993 (and eventually switching to Windows later on), I’ve always felt that the mouse is not the optimal clicking device.

More recently, the touch-screens that have become popular are good, but it certainly took them way too long to commercialize them.  At the same time, using an external pointer does have its advantages in that you can be much more accurate than with pointing with your fingers.

Last year, I came up with a solution to balance my hand use with a right-handed mouse PLUS a Bamboo Fun Wacom Tablet for my left hand. So, for navigational links close to the left side of the screen, I sometimes now use my Wacom tablet pen to click on them by tapping on the Bamboo fun pen on my Wacom tablet.  It certainly takes a bit of time to get used to, but it’s worth the practice.  I find that that helps make me feel like a more balanced person.

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