Posted by: thoughtflashes | May 17, 2010

We Are At One With the Universe

This is also one of the basic tenets of Buddhism.  I believe that in high school or so, I had understood this concept that we are at one with the universe and with nature.  I understood that when we die, for example, we will be returned to the earth, from where we had come.  Recently, Carl Sagan’s Cosmos DVDs have further elaborated on my understanding of this, as he famously stated that we are all “made of star stuff.”  By that, he meant that all the atoms and elements comprising our body came from the birth, maintenance, or death of stars.

I was thinking about this because a few months ago, I saw a moth.  Time almost seemed to freeze, and the moth seemed to look back at me, saying that we’re really of the same substance and soul.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been watching too many wildlife documentaries during the past few years that I had that feeling.  I just tried to let the moth go free versus in the past, I would have probably squashed it, so I’m glad that I’m gaining more compassion for life.

The other day, I also saw some adorable ducks in some small pond, created by the rain:

duck couple in small pond

I enjoy looking at the behavior of wildlife, such as ducks, and I have enjoyed feeding ducks bread, although I haven’t done that since I was a kid.  I was also thinking that it seems quite savage to eat these creatures, although I do enjoy eating BBQ duck.  Hence, I think that sometimes, in life, there is some conflict between some of our desires that are difficult to reconcile.  Perhaps, one day, I will become more enlightened.

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